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Quoting, booking, tracking and reporting – offer digital air and sea freight solutions to your shippers.

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Quote, book, track, and report to your customers with ease. We empower small and medium-sized air and sea freight forwarders to meet the expectations of today’s shippers with straightforward digital solutions. Set up swiftly, go low on maintenance. <cargonerds> digital solutions are a fast and effortless win for small and medium-sized freight forwarders. 

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We kicked off in 2021 and set up camp at the "Digital Logistics Hub Hamburg". At <cargonerds>, we build software specially crafted for small and medium-sized freight forwarders worldwide.
Our goal? To beam those SME freight forwarders, who handle 67% of worldwide trade volumes, into the digital era.
Our recipe? Knowledgeable tech nerds with deep industry expertise, strong partners and a can-do attitude!

Create revolutionary Software as a Service!

At <cargonerds>, we're on a mission to shake things up in logistics tech, and we want you on our team. Whether you're a coding whiz, an IT guru, or a business pro, <cargonerds> is the place where your passion and skills come together in a truly agile, forward thinking and customer-driven environment.

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