Customer portal – your customers’ digital access to freight quotes

Introducing the Customer Portal – the platform your customers have always yearned for. A space where new inquiries are collected 24/7, allowing customers to independently assess, create, and track shipments without the need for staff to get involved with time-consuming, manual work.

Real-time lead generation tool on your website, collecting enquiries 24/7: Spot quotations, booking and tracking – all in one digital place.

Digital freight quotes based on real-time spot prices and contract rates, including origin and destination charges – no manual effort.

All shipment specific documents in one place. No more browsing through emails to find the right file.

Export your quotes as PDF files. Offer your clients a professional custom branded quote.

Real-time flight and departure schedules ensure accuracy, translating to fewer unnecessary emails and manual freight quotes. With over 100 carrier integrations, personalized customer access, and direct communication on shipments, your website will be an enhanced lead generation tool.

Communicate with your customers directly on a per shipment level. No more lost messages and confusion about shipment updates.

Customer Portal

Your shippers’ intuitive real time
access to your services. 

Provide shipment management in one digital hub—wave goodbye to manual requests!